3 Ways To Find iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Serial Number

If you’re having your iOS device serviced, or need to identify your lost/stolen iPhone or iPad, having your serial number handy can save you a lot of trouble. This 11-digit number reveals where your device was built, when it rolled off the assembly line and more. Here’s how you can find it.

Method 1: Find Touch Serial Number on Device body and packaging

If you still have the original packaging for your device, you can find the serial number printed on the barcode label.

iPad and iPod Touch users: Your device has its serial number engraved on the back case near the bottom

iPhone 4s/iPhone 4 (GSM) and iPhone 3GS/3G users: You can find the serial number printed on the SIM card tray, along with the device’s IMEI number.

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Method 2: Find Touch Serial Number on About screen

On your iOS device, Navigate to Settings > General > About and scroll down to view your device’s serial number.

Method 3: Find Touch Serial Number on iTunes

Connect your device to your Mac or PC, launch iTunes and click on your device name to open the Summary tab. You’ll see your device’s name, capacity and serial number listed alongside a thumbnail image of your model. You can also copy the serial number by right-clicking the field and selecting Copy.

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