Disable Frequently Visited Sites In Safari

Safari likes to think it’s being so helpful, providing that list of “frequently visited sites” every time you open up a new browser tab or window, but sometimes there’s a site in that list that you just don’t want to see everyday: maybe you don’t want your boss knowing you’re visiting Facebook frequently, or your partner to know that you’ve been shopping for a surprise present.

As of iOS 9, it’s now possible to disable the “Frequently Visited Sites” feature, preventing any frequently visited sites from appearing on the new tab page in Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Only icons for your favorites will appear on Safari’s new tab page. And here’s how to do:

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Disable Frequently Visited Sites in Safari on iPhone or iPad

Step 1: Open “Settings” app.

Step 2: Click “Safari“.

Step 3: Under General, toggle Frequently Visited Site off.

Note: When you turn Frequently Visited Sites off, the tab disappears from Safari completely along with the frequently visited sites that were there. If you turn the feature back on, the sites will reappear.

You can just remove one or more frequently visited websites while leaving the feature enabled, open Safari’s new tab page and look at the icons for your frequently visited sites. Long-press an icon and tap Delete to remove it.

Many web browsers have features like this one, if you’re worried about people seeing the websites you’re visiting, you should be clearing your web browser’s history and private data regularly. But you may just want to hide those sites a little bit, preventing people from seeing the websites you visit every time you open a new tab in your browser or just getting those frequently visited sites out of your way so you can focus on your favorite websites.

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