How To Add AppleCare+ Warranty To iPad Or iPhone

Have you already purchased an iPad but now decided that you’d like to protect it with AppleCare + Warranty? Follow along for how to add AppleCare + Warranty to your iPad within 60 days of purchase, even if you didn’t buy it from Apple.

Buying AppleCare at Time of Original Purchase

Perhaps the simplest way of adding AppleCare to a new device is during the standard checkout process, and the clerk will usually ask you to add the warranty if you’re in a store, and if you’re checking out online you will find it as an option to add the AppleCare+ coverage there too. But not everyone does that when they’re buying a new iPhone or iPad, but as long as you’re within the 60 day window you can find other methods of buying AppleCare+ coverage.

Buy AppleCare for iPhone or iPad in Settings App

The next simplest way to add AppleCare to an iPhone or iPad is through the device Settings, it will be available as an option as long as the device was purchased within the last 60 days:

Step 1. Open the “Settings” app

Step 2. Tap on “AppleCare+ Coverage Available” *

Step 3. Click on “Continue” to start adding AppleCare+ coverage for the iPhone or iPad

Step 4. Tap to choose the AppleCare+ coverage warranty plan to buy for your iPhone or iPad

Step 5. Continue through the AppleCare+ checkout process to order AppleCare for the device, this requires you to submit a diagnostic report to Apple

Once you have ordered AppleCare+, your iPhone or iPad will be covered for 24 months for repair issues and accidental damage (with an additional service fee).

* Under the “AppleCare+ Coverage Available” option you will see the remaining time that is allotted for you to purchase AppleCare for that device. You have 60 days from the time of purchase to buy AppleCare+ Coverage for an iPhone or iPad.

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