Master Of Using iTunes Genius To Discover New Music

Do you know there are plenty of new music you haven’t heard before? Do you often discover new music? If have, by what way? If you have no idea to do it, don’t worry, the iTunes Genius feature can help you. It can use its smarts to discover and also create Genius Playlists for you. […]

Master of adjusting ringtones volume on iPhone

Have you gotten annoyed because of a missed call as the ringer was too quiet or set on mute or additionally not loud enough to listen to music. Starting in iOS 11, Apple changed the way you control the ringer volume, and if you don’t notice, it’s easy to get frustrated with an inability to […]

The Way To Add Music To Your Iphone

It is a wonderfull thing to enjoy music on iPhone. For some IOS user, the advent of Apple Music will mean their own personal collections will become small seas in the giant oceans of the full streaming catalog. For others, however, who don’t want streaming, My Music is still the place or organize and enjoy […]

The Ways To Use The IPhone Music App

Music is one of the biggest pleasures of our everyday life. Everyone likes to hear his favorite tunes as often as possible. To stand out from the crowd; listen to all of your favorite music, discover new music that you’ll love, and listen to your music library across all of your devices — all with […]

How To Create A New Playlist On Your iPad

If you have a heap of songs on your iPad, don’t be tied to your computer to create playlists, do it directly in the iOS of the iPad. If you sync the iPad with your computer, the playlists you create on your iPad are copied to the computer. Instructions in this article apply to iPads […]

6 Steps to Delete Messages on Apple Watch

It would make more sense and take less time to delete all messages from the Apple Watch at once. Unfortunately, a clean sweep of Messages isn’t an option. You can, however, delete conversations one at a time.  These instructions apply to all versions of the Apple Watch and watchOS. Why Delete Messages From the Apple […]

Create a New Apple Music Radio Station with 3 Easy Steps

One of the best features of Apple Music Radio is Beats 1, a streaming radio station programmed by DJs. Use the Apple Music Radio feature in iTunes to add variety to your music and discover new artists similar to those you like. Listening to the same song can be repeated. Also, use Apple Music Radio […]

Control Music On iPhone Using Headphones

Your iPhone or other iOS device can pause music, skip to the next track, go back to the previous song, and more. Learn how to use your headphones to control all your device’s music functions. Using your iPhone to control music doesn’t mean you’re limited to Apple’s headphones. Any set of headphones or earbuds with […]

Instructions On How To Shuffle Songs On Your iPhone

A great way to keep your music fresh and rediscovering songs you haven’t heard lately is to shuffle your songs. If you’re not sure what song or album you’re in the mood for, the iPhone’s built-in Music app can surprise you by shuffling your songs. Shuffle randomly plays songs from your music library in no […]

Instructions On How To Use Siri To Play Your Music

*Note: This information works with iOS 10 and higher, using the Apple Music app. More features are available with an Apple Music subscription. On iOS devices, the personal assistant Siri can control your Apple Music app with ease. Play songs from your own library with Siri without even knowing the song name or artist. Use […]

Two Ways To Listen To Music On Your Apple Watch

If you like to listen to music on the go, whether you’re simply commuting or you’re out on a run around the neighborhood, you’ll want to configure your Apple Watch to play music. Here’s a guide to get you up and running with music on your smartwatch, including a look at some of the apps […]

Instructions On How To Create And Use Playlists On iPhone

*** Note: Instructions in this article apply to iOS 12 and include a few minor changes from iOS 11 and iOS 10. You can create Smart Playlists that instruct Apple to create playlists based on specific criteria. Playlists on the iPhone are flexible, powerful, and a great way to create custom song mixes. Use iTunes […]

Instructions On How To Customize The Text Message Sound On iPhone

When assigning a different ringtone to each person in the address book, you will know who is calling just by sound and without looking at your iPhone. Phone calls aren’t the only kind of communication that benefit from this trick. You can also do the same thing with text messages by changing iPhone text tones. […]

A Guide How To Change The Default Ringtone On Your iPhone

Changing ringtones is one of the major, and easiest, ways to customize an iPhone. Changing the default ringtone means that whenever you get a call, the new tone you chose will play. 6 Steps to Change the Default iPhone Ringtone Many people prefer to change their phone’s default ringtone to something they like better. To […]

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