How to use extensions in Photos for iPhone and iPad

With extensibility, the Photos app works as a central hub for filters and effects from all the other compatible editing apps you’ve downloaded. All you have to do is grab them from the App Store, install them, enable the extensions, and then you can apply them at will, right from the Photos app. Best of […]

Setting App Limits and Restrictions in iOS 12

App Limits is an ingenious feature of the new iOS feature Screen Time that acts to help you curtail excessive use of iPad apps that tend to consume most of your time. App Limits helps remind you when the time limit is up, but does allow you to have a bit of extra time or […]

How to open a blank note on your iPad

Notes is the app on your iPad that you can use to do everything from jotting down notes at meetings to keeping to-do lists. In this article, we’ll show you to open a blank note: 6 steps open a blank note on your iPad – Step 1: To get started with Notes, tap the Notes […]

Create a note from an iPad document

Notes allows you make lists of tasks, record lists, and write down everything you need to do. But, what if you already have this information somewhere else and just need to make it into a note? Never fear. You can do that on your iPad too. How to Create a Note from an iPad Document […]

How to edit reminder details on your iPad for free

The Reminders app and Cover Sheet (formerly known as Notification Center) features on your iPad warm the hearts of those who need help remembering all the details of their lives. To edit the details of a reminder: Way to edit reminder details on your iPad – Step 1: Tap a reminder and then tap the […]

Guide to use the distance measure app in iOS 12

Once you install iOS 12, you’ll notice a new Apple app called Measure. This app uses augmented reality to act as a tape measure or ruler, measuring objects around you with the phone’s camera. So the next time you need a rough measurement of your coffee table, instead of spending 10 minutes scrabbling through drawers […]

How to search for a note on iPhone and iPad

You can search to locate a note that contains certain text. The Search feature in the Notes app on your iPhone and iPad lists only the notes that contain your search criteria, and it highlights only the first instance of the word or words you enter when you open a note. 4 Steps search for […]

Guide to see birthdays on Facebook on iPhone or iPad

Facebook is the most used social network platform in the world. There are over 3 billion profiles and most of us have hundreds of online friends on this network. In this article, we’ll show you how to see all of your Facebook friends’ birthdays on a calendar, using an iPhone or iPad. See Birthdays on […]

How to share a note on your iPad

The built-in Notes app makes it easy to take down quick notes, memos, thoughts, or any other bits of text you want to keep handy on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. It also makes it easy to share those notes, memos, thoughts, and other bits of text with your friends, family, and colleagues via […]

Guide to take photos with your iPad 2

Your iPad 2 has two cameras on it that allow you to take images and video from both the front and the back. This makes the iPad 2 a versatile digital camera, and a great video-chatting device. To work with the standard camera to take pictures, follow these steps: 6 Steps Take Photos with Your […]

Remove an apple ID phone number on an iPhone

This teaches you how to delete a secondary phone number from your Apple ID account on an iPhone. How to Remove an Apple ID Phone Number on an iPhone – Step 1. Open your iPhone’s Settings. It’s an app showing a gray cog that’s located on one of your home screens. + It may […]

Guide to put your iPhone or iPad into recovery mode

In order to manipulate your iPhone or iPad software, including jailbreaking it, you might have to put it into Recovery Mode at one point or another. The process is fairly straightforward, just follow this guide to get started. How to put your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X into recovery mode Because iPhone […]

Leave a group on groupme on iPhone or iPad

This teaches you how to remove yourself from a GroupMe chat on an iPhone or iPad. How to leave a group on groupme on IOS – Step 1: Open GroupMe on your iPhone or iPad. It’s the blue chat bubble icon with a smiling hashtag inside. You’ll usually find it on one of your […]

How to send videos on groupme on iPhone or iPad

Today, we will show you how to share a video in a GroupMe chat on your iPhone or iPad. 11 steps to send videos on Groupme – Step 1: Open GroupMe on your iPhone or iPad. It’s the blue chat bubble icon with a smiling hashtag inside, typically found on one of your home screens. […]

How to unfreeze an iPad

The freezing or hanging off your iPad is an absurd activity. In fact, many users are facing the problem. The reasons why such a problem arises are plenty. Nonetheless, the relevant facts are that when a user performs an update, or jailbreaks the iOS, or installs a malicious app, the iPad becomes unresponsive. We will […]

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