Turn On Camera Grid Lines In iOS 7 On iPhone, iPad

If you are a camera buff who is dabbling with iOS 7 for the first time, you may be spending some time in the Camera app, checking out the features available for your mobile photography needs. One feature that is not readily apparent, but important to photographers, is the grid lines.

The grid lines help photographers get the correct horizontal and vertical balance, allowing photographers to avoid having to rotate a photo in post-processing. The grid lines also are helpful for photographers who follow the Rule of Thirds, which uses the grid to help line up a shot. This Rule of Thirds states that the most important subject in a photo should be placed along the gridlines or at their intersections.

How to enable camera Grid Lines in iOS 7

  • Open Settings and go to “Photos & Camera”

  • Scroll down to the Camera section and turn on the switch against the Grid option.


After enabling this, you can quickly switch back to the Camera app using the Control Center.

To shoot an image according to The Rule of Thirds, you should position the camera such that the main subject is placed on the 4 points of intersections in the center or along the lines.

For those of you who liked to frequently enable and disable grid lines, doing this in Settings is certainly going to be tedious, but it is nonetheless better than not having the option at all.

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